In a perfect world there would be no disease and no pollutants. Our life would be care free, with no stress, worries or disease. In a perfect world we would have perfect bodies.

Our bodies, hormones, blood, muscles neurotransmitters, organs, are made up of combinations of amino acids, the building blocks of life. These amino acids combine into chains to form Peptides and Proteins, out of which the cells of all body tissues and organs are made. All cells interact with each other, via their cellular membranes, with a system of control signals passed from one cell to another or through the bloodstream, the body’s main information carrier. Once cells receive this information, they ‘know’ what to do. The process known as regulatory transduction strictly controlls  genetic instructions, cellular division, and metabolism.


However this is not a perfect world! Nor is the environment in which we live. We are subject to the harmful effects of environmental and chemical toxins which disrupt intercellular communication, and have an adverse effect on regulatory signal transmission. If these signals are not ‘heard’ by the cells, or, pass through distorted, the processes governing the cells can run out of control. This causes possible cellular death, cancerous tumors, organ failures among other health problems. No matter what the original cause, all bodily breakdowns begin with cellular dysfunction.

ProtoMedix nanostructured supplements are active in Ultra Low Doses, and have no side or allergic effects. We can all, even the healthiest and fittest, benefit from these revolutionary nanoparticle-based supplements!


Our bodies have a built-in source of cellular regeneration, adult stem cells. These cells are a renewable cellular reserve. They do not have the cellular structure of a particular tissue or organ, but can be activated and converted to cells of the organ in which they are located. The primary role of adult stem cells in a living organism is to maintain and repair the tissues and organs in which they are located. Unlike embryonic stem cells, the adult stem cells are present in all tissues of the human body from the moment of birth.

It has recently been established that, in response to cellular damage, certain regulatory peptides are naturally secreted by the cells of various body tissues, to activate adult stem cell conversion. This is the body’s inherent natural healing process. However, it is a very slow process, even under the best of circumstances. If the cellular trauma is severe enough, this very mechanism of cell regeneration gets so weakened that it doesn’t work fast enough or, at worst, at all!

There are corrective solutions. Scientists, utilizing nanotechnology, have used regulatory peptide based nanoparticles as active ingredients in all our biologically active supplements. A unique quality of these nanoparticles is that they are active in Ultra Low Doses. 1 gm or 0.035 oz of this active ingredient is sufficient for 60,000,000 full strength doses.

Once introduced into the body, these active nanoparticles enter the blood stream and are carried to the tissue or organ for which they were formulated. Upon reaching a targeted organ or tissue, these nanoparticles mimic the body’s natural processes and reestablish optimal communications between the existing cells and activate adult stem cells to start rapid conversion and replacement of the damaged cells. The damaged cells are then naturally absorbed by the body, leaving the tissue or organ healthy once again.

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