So many people feel out of balance. Fatigue, headaches, sore joints, tender muscles, depression, stress and these conditions are common complaints in today’s society. Chronic, preventable disease continues to affect more and more of our population. This is a manifestation of our body systems being out of alignment. It is our mission to reverse this trend by bringing balance back to life with our innovative health solutions. Molecular Biologics has always been dedicated to the healthcare professional and partnering with them in helping people achieve balance.

Our products are redesigned, reformulated, refocused and recommitted to achieve optimal results for you and your patients. Molecular Biologics is now MBi Nutraceuticals.

With over thirty years of formulation experience, we are able to develop and manufacture the most effective products on the market. We hope you’ll find solutions for your patients’ health care needs from our wide range of products. Our business has been developed for and around health care professionals and their high standards. Our line now contains more than three hundred products, many of which are unique. As a family business we take pride in our products and our manufacturing standards. We stand behind our name and offer customer service that is unsurpassed.

Unique products and great service are what make MBi different from the competition. Our original formulas combine vitamins, minerals, foods, and herbs in the proper proportions to create products that help promote healthy structures, functions, systems, and organs of the body. Some of these combinations cannot be found anywhere else. MBi products simply bring balance back to life.

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